The Most Powerful All-in-One SEO Tool Suite

The Most Powerful All-in-One SEO Tool Suite

A comprehensive suite of 40+ SEO Tools

SERPed unifies all the must-have tools needed to rank higher, outperform the competition and grow your business


Empowering thousands of SEO Professionals

Find who your top competitors are, what drives their success and how to outsmart them, in just a few minutes.


Your complete SEO solution in 1 suite

40+ of the best tools to monitor and manage every aspect of your SEO campaigns.

A must-have to dominate the SERPs and grow your traffic!

Comprehensive Keyword Research

Discover thousands of keyword ideas for every niche alongside advanced metrics for each keyword. SERPed connects directly with Google, Bing and other databases to deliver accurate and always up to date recommendations.

Comprehensive Keyword Research Illustration

In-Depth Backlink & Website Analysis

Thorough backlink analysis and monitoring for total control over off-site optimization factors. Unveil any domains’ authority and backlinks, each audited for the most crucial SEO metrics. SERPed offers a detailed profile analysis for each inbound link to your website or a competitor’s.

In Depth Backlink Illustration

Centralized Domain Research

Seamlessly research and purchase domains across multiple leading marketplaces in a centralized console. Discover new domains, uncover authoritative expired domains or snatch a hidden gem put up for auction, all inside SERPed. Finding the perfect URL for your new project has never been easier.

Domain Research Illustration

Consolidated Project Management

Whether managing a single or hundreds of websites for clients, SERPed makes project management easy and intuitive. Each project’s dashboard offers a high-level summary of important metrics with the ability to drill down for detailed and advanced information on every aspect of SEO.

Facilitated Project Illustration

Up to Date Rank Tracking

Accurately track where your projects show on the leading search engines, including Google of course, but also Amazon and YouTube. Get as granular as you want, track your rankings on a country, city or even neighborhood level across mobile and other devices. Our proprietary rank tracking technology is so good our API even powers other leading SEO tools.

Rank Tracking Illustration

Social & Tracking

SERPed offers tools for managing and tracking social signals for your own or client projects across all major social media networks. Social signals are analyzed by search engines giving your websites a nice ranking boost.

Our platform is not only powered by an industry-leading suite of SEO tools, but also a thriving community of experienced professionals who help each other thrive through our built-in marketplace.

Social Acquisition Illustration

Cost-Efficient Client Acquisition

SERPed makes it easy to differentiate yourself in the crowded and competitive marketplace of SEO services.
Not only it helps build stronger relationships and loyalty with your existing clients but also makes new client acquisition simpler with automated and intuitive tools.
See how here…

Cost Efficient Illustration

Automated, White-Label Reporting

Focus more of your time on delivering exceptional services to your clients by automating mundane and time-consuming, but essential processes.
Wow your clients with beautiful and comprehensive reports on their project’s progress.
Reports can be fully customized to match your brand and to your specifications.
SERPed will email the reports to your clients or yourself automatically at intervals you specify, daily, weekly or monthly.

Site Report Illustration

Team Collaboration

Multi-user accounts on SERPed make team collaboration a breeze.
Seamlessly communicate, create tasks and assign them to your team.
Our tools for teams will help you streamline your business’ internal processes and workflows for increased productivity and profitability.

Team Illustration

Brandable Client Dashboards

The Agency add-on unlocks access to a robust suite of tools tailored to the needs of SEO agencies and large teams, for a low monthly fee. Get access to advanced features including fully customizable and white-label client dashboards, additional client acquisition tools, social monitoring and much more.

Keep your clients satisfied by offering access to their project’s growth with client portals. Your clients will be able to readily see how their project is advancing in real time, at any time. Client dashboards can be fully customized with widgets to meet your specific needs.
Learn more about this add-on…

SEO Dashboard Illustration

Who can benefit from SERPed?

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What other SEO’s think about SERPed

I get pitched endless amounts of new tools all the time, everyone think they have built the best SEO tools and it’s very rare that one catches my eye.
When Colin reached he had me hooked on his suite on ninja SEO tools! You can complete niche research, competition analysis, download your competitors backlinks, find location citations, search for expired domains, see what keywords your site currently ranks for, monitor uptime, build custom reports… Heck it even has some seriously powerful SEO client acquisition tools that I’m using with my own agency. There really are too many features to list…

The available toolset in SERPed is great and it is wonderful to have all these capabilities under one umbrella application.
To top that, the development team is very responsive to requests, and are always looking to add more features and improve on an already great product.
Due to the confidence I have in SERPed I’ve saved money because I’ve stopped looking at or buying other solutions.

If you do SEO, SERPed is a must-have tool. It is as simple as that. It has all the tools you need to run and manage your SEO and your get all under one roof. That’s what make it really really powerful. The best part is, you get all this for a price which is one-sixth of actual price you need to shell-out for all other tools. It is an absolutely amazing tool to have in your arsenal.

It’s an absolute privilege to be a member of SERPed: it’s wide and diverse array of features make it truly valuable to any person involved in SEO and Internet Marketing.
I’ve never been able to find a service like SERPed before, and I intend to retain my membership; it’s something that has become an invaluable resource to me, and I wouldn’t want to not have access to it!

There are no shortage of good SEO tools out there, but SERPed is the first one I’ve found that combines all the tools I need to manage my local SEO projects under one dashboard.
SERPed helped me quickly organize my project and saved me money on other subscriptions I no longer need to maintain.
Great product, awesome community and excellent support.
Thanks so much guys! Suite of SEO Tools:

Start A Virtual Assistant Business From Home

Welcome to my website, my name is Victoria Wynn.

assuming that because you have found this
page, you are interested in establishing a fulfilling Virtual Assistant

There are hundreds
of people all over the world who, for one reason or another are looking
ways to earn a decent income from the comfort of their own home or in
fact, whilst travelling.

Well, this could
be your critical first step in discovering an amazing opportunity. An
incredible chance to try something new and draw on a whole new skillset.

will likely
have your own reasons for wanting or needing to work from home. These
reasons might
be because:-

  • You are a stay-at-home
  • You are retired and wish to
    expand your pension
  • You are currently between
  • You are caring for a
    relative at home
  • You have your own health
  • You want the flexibility and
    freedom to work the hours you choose
  • You may be truly unhappy
    with your chosen career

sad fact is,
though, that decent, hardworking people like yourself, who are
searching for genuine
work at home opportunities and methods, often fall victim to the scam,
called ‘Business Opportunities‘ out there

have probably already wasted time searching
online and you just keep coming across ‘hyped up’ sales pages for
stupid offers
like ‘completing surveys’ that promise you will earn thousands, when
reality, as you and I both know, is that you will most likely end up
earning a
mere pittance!

when a
friend or relative asks you
what you do for a living. Having to tell them that you complete silly
would make you cringe wouldn’t it?

what if there was an easier way…

to a wonderful business that allows you to
work from home…
AND one
that you could be very proud of?

One of the reasons that I am so
about your opportunity to start a virtual assistant business is
that starting my own
had a significant impact on my own life when I felt obliged to make the
decision to work from home.

I am passionate about the
available for people of all skillsets and these opportunities continue
to grow
on a daily basis.

Without any hype or false income
promises, I
will tell you about the advantages of a work at home method that could
just be
exactly what you are looking for. Something that will allow you to
enjoy all
the advantages and freedom of working from home whilst still earning a very
good income

The headline at the top of the
page has let
the cat out of the bag obviously and if you’ve read this far you will
know that
I am talking about

Starting your very own Virtual Assistant
business and
working from home!

there are literally hundreds of professional
companies, government institutions and individuals that need help with
tasks that they benefit from outsourcing to virtual assistant workers.

Virtual Assistant workers are people
just like you or me, who will usually be working from home because of
the many
reasons mentioned.

The opportunities are many different and varied

Always something for everyone!

great thing is that you
do not need to
have professional skills to become a virtual assistant.

little-known fact is, though, that whilst
having typing, secretarial or other skills may well be useful,
are NOT necessary
for you to find more than enough work as a Virtual Assistant.

required is so varied that there is,
literally, something for everyone.

would take me all day to list every type
of task that VA’s can carry out, but amongst these tasks include duties

General reception duties,
fielding calls and
making appointments.
what is a virtual assistant

creation for website, blog and
magazine owners.

design. Creating logos, posters,
book covers.

and writing Ebooks.

information and entering it into

PowerPoint presentations.

media promotions.

many, many more, easy to carry out, tasks
that people need help with every day.

fact is, that becoming
a virtual
assistant has never been easier
and can give you the ease
of lifestyle that you
are actually searching for.

do I say that? Well, because it is the perfect
to ALL of the reasons I mentioned earlier, for why
people may need
to work from home. i.e.

  • You
    are a stay-at-home
  • You
    are retired and wish to
    expand your pension
  • You
    are currently between
  • You
    are caring for a
    relative at home
  • You
    have your own health
  • You
    want the flexibility and
    freedom to work the hours you choose
  • You
    may be truly unhappy
    with your chosen career path

If any of these events cover your
situation, then you’ve arrived on the right website for sure.

Consider this though. Do you know
how and
where to start?

You can’t just leap in and set
yourself up as
a virtual assistant without first knowing what you’re doing and how to
go about
things correctly to your best advantage, in such a way that you will be
profitable and bring in the level of income you require to feel secure.

If you try to just ‘wing it’ and
go it alone
without first finding out the facts, you run the risk of failing before
even start. That would be a real shame, particularly when becoming a
assistant can give you exactly what you want from life.

why I have created this exciting
Ebook. Exactly what you need to determine whether being a virtual
assistant is
the best move for you, the full picture so you can completely
understand what’s
involved in becoming a successful VA (Virtual Assistant).


Start A Virtual Assistant
Business From Home

start a virtual assistant business from home

(This product is a digital
download and all images are for visualisation purposes only)

this practical
guide, you will find the answers you need to know in order to set
yourself up
as a successful Virtual Assistant in the right way, straight from the

Imagine being able to:

at the times when you
are most awake? How would that feel if you could do this

Plan your
day to spend
quality time with your family and make the most of your free time.
that be great?

time off when you need
to. It truly is possible, but you need to know how.

This Ebook
will also help you avoid the
potential pitfalls that can befall the unwary.

As I told
you, there is no hype, only realistic
and achievable opportunities
, so why don’t I just show you
some of
what is covered inside this excellent book?

There’s no
better way than to simply give you
a sneak peek at the contents, so here’s some of what’s included in your

working from home

  • What is a
    Virtual Assistant’s Role?
  • The Benefits of Being
    a VA
  • Your
    Skills Are Your Value
  • Freelancing
    Employed Virtual Assistant
  • Determining
    Your Skillset
  • Equipment
    & Tools Required
  • Learning
    New Skills
  • A
    Portfolio to Impress
  • Virtual
    Assistant Sites Online
  • Getting
    Work Locally
  • Setting Up Your Office
  • The
    Value of Networking
  • Strategies
    Ensure That You & Your Client Are Working From The Same Page
  • Resources To Help Out

There you go! Quite simply,
everything you
need to know to get started. So are you ready to seize the opportunity
and change
your life for the better?

Isn’t now
the right time for you to do

are you ready to find
out for yourself

I’d love to help you
succeed and change your
life for the better, starting today, because this is a great way to
earn a
really good living from your home base (or from anywhere in the world
if you
want to travel)

know, I can tell you, it’s not just the money that
will make the REAL
difference in your life

total FREEDOM to
live the
life you want around your present circumstances that this kind of
gives you.

how great it is going to feel with no more alarm clocks, daily commutes
nagging bosses on your back.

also be no more begging for a pay rise or days off to spend with your

As a
self-employed virtual assistant, you can
live life on YOUR own terms to
support yourself and
your family requirements

and you get
live and work from wherever you like.

How great
is that? But there is far more to it than that

Running a
Virtual Assistant business from home successfully

you something immeasurable…

It gives
you a purpose in life and a genuine sense
of achievement.

something fantastic about being master
of your own destiny
. Gaining the respect
of your friends and family and seeing the look on their faces when they
just how far you’ve come and what you have achieved.

the respect of your family and friends is immeasurable, but it’s that
of self-respect and achievement that you’ll carry
with you too!

know, and so will everyone else know, that you achieved all this on
your own
. Ok,
so let’s get you started!

Oh, I
almost forgot. … I want you to know that I personally guarantee
that you’ll be amazed at the opportunity and potential that this work
at home
business can offer you… and you’ll never look back

I’m so sure about that…I’m
going to back up all my claims with my

60 Day GuaranteeI
want you to feel completely happy and satisfied
when you invest in this Ebook today. So, download today,
totally risk-free. I
want you to devour every section and apply what you’ll discover inside.

if, after 60 days, you don’t agree that running a
Virtual Assistant
business from home is the easiest, most fun way to earn an honest
living from
home that
you’ve ever come across, then I want you to email me for an immediate

questions, no quibbles.

that sound fair enough to you?

I truly
want to help you succeed and do well for yourself.

Now it’s
over to you. Today you truly have the chance to make a real improvement
to your
current circumstances and to begin a journey of change.

I want
you to do something for yourself for a second at this point. Imagine a
life of
no office politics, no long tiring commute to work, no nagging bosses,
no more fights
at home about not being there for the important stuff, no scams, no
worry about how you’ll pay the bills. How is that going to feel for you?

created an Ebook here that can really help you move
forward. I’m very
proud of it because I know it will help you to do that

So today,
you have this opportunity to set yourself free. To set your own hours and your
own income level
, and to start moving forward with your
life in the way that
YOU want to.

start your journey of opportunity today

for a piffling

And you
can simply..

your copy using the order button below…

ONLY $27
secure payment

payment, fully guaranteed

Instant Download Access Today

You can
be reading this e-book in as little as 5 minutes from now!

This is
an electronic book (e-book) that can be downloaded to your computer in
a flash!
Produced in .pdf format and available for instant download. Delivery
time will
vary depending on the type and quality of your computer equipment and

clicked the order link, you’ll
be taken to the order screen to make a secure payment. You
will then be sent, within
seconds, to a ‘Thank You’
page with simple download
instructions. The
material is available to
read online so simply download to your computer.

is power and if you are the type of person who revels in being
working outside the box and learning new skills on a regular basis,
opportunity will be perfect for you.

information yourself for an entire 60 days, and see how much easier it
can be
for you and your family. If you don’t agree, then there’s no obligation
nothing to pay. So, if you want to draw back the curtain and see the
secrets to gaining a solid income by starting your own truly
successful, Virtual
Assistant business from home, then I urge you to
take action right
now and
download this Ebook

Purchase now $27

you need is a credit card, no special internet accounts or anything
like that.
And it’s totally secure.)

For Product Support, please contact the seller HERE

For Order Support, please contact Clickbank HERE

Wish You All The Best.

to your success,

Victoriia Wynn

is the retailer of
products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click
Sales Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 1444 S. Entertainment
Ave., Suite 410 Boise, ID 83709, USA and used by permission.
ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement,
approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion
used in promotion of these products.



An SEO Marketers BEST-KEPT Secret

Stop Paying For Ads – Get Instant Traffic With Our Secret Content System!

Convert ANY YouTube Video Into a Fully Formatted Blog Post & Share To Social Media In Less Than 60 Seconds…

Get The All-In-One Content Creation & Marketing Solution Used By Over 3,500 People!

Roger Seach

“Great app. Solid support and communication. Recommended for all skill levels.”

Re: Build your own content machine that works around the clock!

Hey there – Ijlal here along with Neil Napier!

If you’ve ever wanted to build a near-passive business powered by content marketing

…or create a lead-gen model that doesn’t rely on Facebook ads, or

…built a WIDE net where you can grab the attention of THOUSANDS of prospects ever day, keep


See, I was always told that content marketing is the foundation of building a solid business, but since I am not a native English speaker myself, I needed a shortcut.

Now, early on – I didn’t have ambitious goals – it’s not that I wanted to build the next Forbes.

Instead, I wanted to start content machines in my business that would generate traffic and sales even when other opportunities failed.

But doing that isn’t easy, especially when you are trying to rank on Page #1 of Google consistently. Or use social media on autopilot to drive traffic!

Because that’s when the traffic starts coming in…


Both Neil Patel and Jon Loomer agree that content is king!

And, if you don’t have great content – you shouldn’t even try to rank on Google, or any other search engine. Because great content is the biggest factor when it comes to getting high search engine ranking.

But hey, you don’t need just “any” content, you need high quality, human readable & Google friendly content.

​Now, there are three ways to get that kind of content…

The thing is, all of those come with their own problems…

Writing content yourself is perhaps the most effective and inexpensive way of going about it, provided that

you’re good at writing compelling content, and can write in fluent English with good vocabulary, and without

making a lot of grammatical mistakes.

And even if you can do that, writing content yourself will take a lot of your time.

Reading, researching, writing, proofreading and then refining your final work.

All of this is painstakingly time consuming.

Doing that once or twice is fine, but over and over again? Nah!

Not easy. You’ll eventually lose motivation to write. And let’s face it – with low motivation, you will have ZERO energy to talk about your content on social media. Result – ZERO traffic!

I know it because I have been there.

I have set up so many wordpress blogs, but after writing 4-5 posts, I run out of motivation and those blogs sit there

without making any money.

Which means that writing yourself isn’t the right long-term solution.

​Now with that out of the question, you decide to hire a ghost writer to write for your blog.

Depending on your luck, and how much you’re willing to pay, you may get high quality, superb vocabulary and even Google friendly content.

​But it won’t be very friendly on your pocket.

​How do I know this? See – I went to the cheapest platform known to man, FIVERR.

​And I ordered 20 articles over a period of 2 months…

​It cost me $250+.

I’ll be honest, the content was NOT stellar.

Plus, it ended up costing a bit more than what you’d expect to pay on a platform that is called Fiverr.​

Now, again, this was all back in 2016 – right now, it would cost you around $100+ for a good article.

So – let’s solve a quick math problem…


Teddy wants to post 10 articles on a website every month, he buys 1 article for $100, how much money does he need to buy an year worth of articles?


Price per article = $100

Articles Teddy wants to post per month = 4

Months in an year = 12

Articles Teddy needs to post in an year = 12 x 4 = 48

Price per article = $100

Money needed to post 48 articles = 100 x 48 = $4,800.00

Now as you can see, Teddy is going to go spend a LOT of money buying articles for his blog.

So after all, hiring a ghost writer isn’t the best solution either.​

Now you go and start looking for a piece of software program which will help you automate writing articles.

The first one you check generates content that is unique, but it sounds so robotic that you can hardly read it.

So then you go look for another piece of software. And you end up finding that this other software is sourcing content from other blogs around the internet. Which means that the content isn’t unique at all so you use a cheap article spinner. And now you’re back to the same problem, robotic sounding content.

And worse – ​if you do it wrong, you may even be liable for any legal issues arising from duplicate content.

Wait – I haven’t even started talking about SHARING this content on social media. Doing this manually is a tiresome process.

And the more tiresome a process is, the less likely you are to implement it.

These are all real world problems that you will face. ​

I know it, because I was there.

Then one day, I stumbled across something amazing…

This was a complete accident – but a happy one at that. I stumbled upon something that was always there in front of my eyes but I never thought of it.​

Something that was right under my nose.​

An untapped source of unique content.

I discovered YouTube Closed Captions…

I was sitting on a goldmine of content that will eventually, completely change my content marketing business.

But not just every YouTube video – no.

Instead – to stay legally compliant, I focused on the videos with commercial and creative commons rights (this license allows you to use the video and content freely, and sometimes with link back to the video).

With this newfound knowledge, I started looking for a software that would help me quickly get this content on my blog. The internet is a big place, there must to be something like that, right?

​Well, after searching for a couple weeks – I gave up. I found absolutely nothing.

​There were software that would allow me to download this content. But it still needed a lot more manual

work. Which took even longer than writing the content myself.

​Which is why I decided to build Content Gorilla.

And until today, it’s been actively used by over 3,500 customers – who have created over 250,000 content pieces with it.

And if you think they had it easy – keep reading to see how your life is about to get 10x BETTER as we have infused NEW features into this app – Content Gorilla 2.0

Features that help you do MORE, and get MORE TRAFFIC – from a single software.



This is to Content Marketing what Bohemian Rhapsody is to music.

Something that Is Easy, and Timeless!


“Content Gorilla is unbelievably easy to use. I say this being a non-techie, and very close to 70 years old 🙂 With this tool I’m able to find the best YouTube videos, and within minutes turn them into a blog post. I highly recommend Content Gorilla to all bloggers.”

Any decent content creation platform MUST have these KEY features:

Watch this complete walkthrough of Content Gorilla 2.0


The all-in-one content creation and marketing suite. Never write a single blog post again!

You’re backed with our risk free 60-day money back guarantee

Jody Sachse

“One of my favorite solutions. I’ve tried so many content solutions and this one offers the best experience.”

Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy Disclaimer

Auto Punctuator

Some videos, when converted to the text don’t have any punctuation. Using our AI-powered punctuator you can in just one click add punctuation (commas, full stops, capitalizations, apostrophes) to this kind of content.

Post Archive

You’re about to create a LOT of high-quality content with Content Gorilla using the standard, bulk and multi-posting features – it’s going to get a bit tedious to keep track of everything. Good luck if you’re planning to post on multiple blogs.

This is why we created the Post Archive. Here you will find all the posts ever created to your sites with Content Gorilla.

Social Content Syndication

Your blog post is ready – how would anyone know if you won’t tell them about it?

Publish your Content Gorilla 2.0 made posts to your Facebook pages/groups, Twitter accounts & LinkedIn Profile/Page in just one click and drive traffic back to your site.

Social Post Image Builder

Images get better reach on social media and our goal has always been getting you more traffic – using Content Gorilla’s image creator you can create custom images to accompany with your social media posts.

Better post reach = more traffic.

Internal Linking

Ever visit a blog post and see those “You may also like” kinda links that take you to more other posts on the same blog?

Well – they do that to retain the “link juice” as they call it.

And it helps with keeping your visitors on your sites for longer – which reduces the bounce rate. 2 pretty big factors in ranking on Google.

Content Gorilla automatically searches your blog for posts related to the one you’re just about to create and when it finds something related, it automatically adds a link at the bottom of your post so your visitors will too stay on your blogs longer.


Content Repurpose Guide

When you repurpose your content, you can yield more output with the same amount of input, while maintaining quality. This saves you time so that you can work on new marketing ideas and attend to other aspects of your business. This guide will show you how easy is to create endless content.

Valued at $147


My Article Submitter

Now You Can Drive Insane Traffic To Your Web Site Using The Magic of Article Submission – and it all happens practically on autopilot! Article Submitter is the Fastest and Easiest way to get your articles posted on hundreds of article directories without spending hours and hours on the manual labor of doing so!

Valued at $97

Content Repurpose Guide

When you repurpose your content, you can yield more output with the same amount of input, while maintaining quality. This saves you time so that you can work on new marketing ideas and attend to other aspects of your business. This guide will show you how easy is to create endless content.

Valued at $147

My Article Submitter

Now You Can Drive Insane Traffic To Your Web Site Using The Magic of Article Submission – and it all happens practically on autopilot! Article Submitter is the Fastest and Easiest way to get your articles posted on hundreds of article directories without spending hours and hours on the manual labor of doing so!

Valued at $97

Q: I already have Content Gorilla – do I get upgraded for free?

A: Old 1.0 customers can purchase the main 2.0 version at 50% off (discount code is available for a limited time when you log into your Content Gorilla account)

Old 1.0 PRO customers automatically get upgraded to the 2.0 version (incl the PRO version). So if you have the PRO version, you don’t need to do anything – your account is automatically upgraded at launch time.

Q: What has been added in Content Gorilla 2.0 since the 1.0 launch in June 2019?

A: A lot of new things (including stabilization) have been added, but more specifically, these features (which are also described above):

– Multi publishing at a time with one click – NEW

– Punctuator included – NEW

– Post Archive – NEW

– Integrations (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook Pages & Groups) – NEW

– Create an image for posting (FE) – NEW

= Internal Linking – NEW

Make 6-Figures With Content Gorilla 2.0

We will take you to a 3-week exclusive training series where we spill the beans on content marketing. In this training series, we will share how you can make money online using the power of content marketing. All of course by using Content Gorilla 2.0.

Valued at $297

Syndication of Content to Social Media for Higher Rankings

Even though according to Google, Social Media is not a direct factor of SEO ranking but there’s sufficient evidence supporting that the better social signals your content has, the higher your ranking will be.

On average, the higher a website in search results, the more of a social presence that website has.

The correlation between social signals and ranking position is extremely high.

Cognitive SEO showing the importance of Social Networks presence in relation to site ranking.

– Brian Honigman

Marketing Consultant

Today, links are mainly achieved through

developing original content that is in turn,

shared across social media.

Links to your content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and other social networks help the search engines understand what websites are credible and should be ranked for what keyword phrases.

Links are mainly achieved via Social Sharing

But Google is not the only search engine. Even though Google accounts for 63% of the search traffic in US, Bing also has a 24% share of it. Which means you simply cannot over look Bing.

And they clearly state that one of the biggest factors of ranking on Bing is

Social shares and likes.

Social media plays a role in today’s effort to rank well in search results. The most obvious part it plays is via influence. If you are influential socially, this leads to your followers sharing your information widely, which in turn results in Bing seeing these positive signals.

These positive signals can have an impact on how you rank organically in the long run.

So it’s pretty transparent that if you want to rank your websites on search engines, social sharing is very important. With the 2.0 upgrade you can integrate Content Gorilla with your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn accounts which allows you to publish your content to all your social media channels in just one click – this will help you get higher rankings on search engines

Download The Content

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  • Quick Convert YouTube Content Into Blog Post
  • Create content in 105+ languages
  • Fetch featured image & Auto-add relevant images
  • Built-in Content Spinner
  • Built-in Grammar Correction
  • Built-in Punctuator
  • Create automatic post tags
  • Quick multi-post to one blog
  • Publish Bulk Posts
  • Built-in Article Rewriter
  • Post Later – saves time
  • Use on up to 10 websites
  • Quick view to see posts published in the past
  • Integrate with Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn
  • Get more SEO juice with Internal Linking
  • Full-time support available

  • BONUS: Goofball’s guide to building a WordPress website.

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Trick Photography and Special Effects E-Book

Trick Photography and Special Effects E-Book

Believe it or not, you don’t have to own super expensive equipment or be some kind of camera wiz to take high quality camera shots like these…

… but all those hotdog pro photographers out there will NEVER reveal their secrets to you…

… so I’m about to do it for you.

Don’t take my word for that though – here’s what just one person had to say:

If you’ve ever wanted to:

  • Take breathtaking special effects shots with just your regular camera…
  • Finally know how to create “light painting” images that are simply out of this world…
  • Improve your “regular” photography skills and take better photos immediately…

Then you need to keep reading because everything’s going to be revealed on this page…

… and here’s the best part:

Because of the practical shortcut secrets you’re about to find out, you’ll quickly be able to skip the “amateur photographer” stage that usually takes years to get past… and you’ll be a much better photographer from the very next time you take a shot.

From: Evan Sharboneau

Dear Photographer,

Here’s the deal –

If you want to be able to take the really cool photos – those crazy special effects images others just can’t figure out – what I’m about to share with you will blow your mind…

… in fact, you’ll probably be a little annoyed that nobody told you this stuff before.

You see, there are a handful of simple, easy techniques that can totally transform how you use and view your camera – and they’re so quick to grasp, they’ll make a difference for you the very next time you snap a picture.

Trouble is, the ranks of highly paid professionals out there don’t like to share.

So up until now, the only alternative has been to take expensive college or evening courses, and buy a ton of pricey equipment.

And I don’t know about you, but I don’t have thousands of dollars to throw at new cameras, lights, and to enroll in courses.

So I learned the hard way.

You see, I’m an obsessive photographer.

I’m one of those guys who constantly takes pictures. I drive people crazy, always snapping something. You know?

And I like to experiment – always have.

Trouble was, I wanted to take all these cool shots, and I had all these great ideas… but I didn’t know how to get started… and I didn’t think I had all the specialist equipment I’d need…

… so I had to experiment.

I Had No Choice – I Didn’t Have

Money To Burn, So I HAD To Figure

Out This Stuff On A Shoestring

And I did it, through necessity. I’m passionate about this stuff, and I couldn’t rest until I could get the kinds of pictures I wanted to get.

Ever hang around at or

I wanted to be able to do some of the photography tricks I saw people doing there. All those cool visual effects, that out of this world stuff – I needed to know how it was done.

And I guess you could say I got a little obsessive – but that’s okay. Photography is my passion, and if you’ve been bitten by the bug, you’ll know what it feels like to have that burning need to get just the right shot.

Eventually, all the crazy experimentation started to pay off. My photography buddies started asking how I was taking my pictures, what techniques, what equipment…

… and I’d be creating crazy images like this just using my plain old digital camera, while everybody was assuming I was using Photoshop.

And eventually, I was getting so many people asking me how I did all this stuff, that I put together a simple guide revealing everything.

Thousands of people all over the world have downloaded the guide, and used it to finally get the shots they want…

… and I’ve just updated it, and released the second edition.


Trick Photography & Special Effects 2nd Edition – Your complete instructional guide on taking breathtaking special effects shots and cool images your friends won’t believe…

It comes with 295 pages of instruction, 9 hours of how-to video tutorials, and contains over 300 creative photographs created by some of the most talented photographic artists around the world.

It’s time for you to skip the months and years of being one of those enthusiast photographers – you know those poor guys who read all the magazines but doesn’t have enough time to invest in getting the skills he really wants…

… you’ll be skipping past that stage totally, and getting right to the point where you’re an accomplished photographer, taking pictures that blow everybody away.

You see, I’m impatient.

I’ve got no time for that kind of learning. So I’m going to teach you the exact same shortcuts I used to become a skilled, effective photographer in no time flat.

You’re going to be jumping over all the frustrations and difficulty, all the mystery of not knowing where to start, and instead getting right to the point where you can easily take the kinds of shots you’ve been dying to take your whole life.

You know what I mean, shots like this:

In Trick Photography and Special Effects, you’re going to be shown my hardcore, best kept secrets for taking spectacular photos that have to be seen to be believed.

… things like:

  • How to use stunning photography tricks that other people simply won’t even understand – they’ll think you’ve spent hours with Photoshop, but in reality they’re just regular photos…
  • How to use laser pens, flashlights, and other household items to get spectacular visual effects

  • How moron-simple tweaks to your camera settings can let you take amazing shots that would usually need a hyper-expensive camera setup
  • How to capture infra-red light with your DSLR to create impactful images with surreal color

  • How to capture beautiful High Dynamic Range nature or landscape shots… pictures like this:

  • How to shoot and edit amazing 360 degree panoramic shots like these…

  • The secret behind stitching multiple light paintings together to create pseudo digital art:

  • How to put “the invisible man” into your pictures

  • How to tweak the color settings in your camera to make things “pop” in just the right way.
  • How to freeze motion and take crystal clear high-speed photographs just like this one:

  • Cool perspective tricks you can do right now, in camera, with no special tools or software needed – know how to point n shoot? That’s all you’ll need
  • How to take 3D images with your camera right now – no expensive software needed, and you can grab great 3d images immediately…
  • How to capture amazing “star trail” long exposure shots like this

  • The simple 30 second tweak you can make to your camera to let you take excellent photos every time… I’ll show you in plain English exactly how to do it, and it really does take no more than 30 seconds.
  • Why your computer scanner is the key to some of the coolest, wackiest pictures you’ve ever seen – and no, I’m not talking about scanning them

This amazing guide will show you exactly how to break through the ranks of “ordinary” photographers and become the person who takes shots that amaze everybody.

And if you’re thinking it’s all about buying a ton of different lenses and then memorizing a million different camera settings and a bunch of other dry stuff like that…

… Wouldn’t You Rather Skip All That

& Get Results Immediately, With

The Equipment You Already Have?

Chances are, the camera and everything you already have is enough for some excellent shots.


… I’ll talk you through exactly what you should get if you want to upgrade, and why.


… I’ll show you how to put together some of your own stuff that will let you create some of the most amazing pictures you’ve ever seen.

That’s what I designed this guide for – to let regular people take amazing photographs by handing them the photography tricks and backdoor secrets to get it done without all that fancy equipment and a Visual Arts degree.

For example, you’ll see how you can use a simple piece of household cleaning equipment and a basic entry-level DSLR to create this awesome image:

In fact, your photos are going to be so amazing (starting just a few minutes from now), people flat out won’t believe you took them, until they see it with their own eyes.

For example, you’ll see exactly how one tiny tweak to your camera can generate oustanding images like this:

And That’s All Great, But There’s One

Other Thing You Must Know…

As well as showing you exactly how to make great “light painting” images like this,

and tons of other cool pictures like these…

… I’m also going to show you how to use Adobe® Photoshop® software to improve your shots and create visual effects that are simply out of this world…

I’m talking about super-cool images like these:

Right Now You’re Probably Thinking

It Sounds Great, But You Don’t Have Photoshop,

& Don’t Want To Pay Out $700 For It Too

Don’t worry. For the tricks that require Photoshop, you can use an alternative program called Adobe Photoshop Elements (Version 10 or above) which is less expensive compared to Photoshop CS6. Adobe Photoshop Elements will be able to do the majority of the Photoshop tricks I teach.

Pretty cool huh?

This guide is going to totally revolutionize the way you take photos, starting today, and you’ll discover Photoshop and photography tricks that are going to stay with you for the rest of your life…

… and sometimes, learning this stuff can actually improve your life for good, like it has for so many others. Here are a few e-mails I’ve received from people who have read the e-book:

Bottom line, if you’re a real shutterbug, or even if you just a have a passing interest, this amazing guide will show you how to take killer shots like the ones on this page.

You’ll be able to start just minutes from now, because the course is an instant download download. There is nothing that needs to be shipped. You will have online access to the material 24 hours a day, seven days a week, forever!

“Evan, That’s Exactly What I

Need, But How Much Is It?”

Great question – and the honest answer is MUCH less than you’re thinking.

Before we get into the specifics of that though, I want you to know this is a 100% risk free deal.

In fact, I’m so sure this is going to transform the way you take pictures forever, that I’m going to GUARANTEE it happens for you the very next time you take a picture – even if that’s 5 minutes from now.

AND – it doesn’t stop there, because you get to try it for 8 whole weeks before you decide if it’s for you – check out the details below:

Your 1 Photo Improvement Guarantee:

That guarantee really does make this a completely ZERO risk deal for you… and I’ve made sure the price is an absolute rock-bottom bargain too.

You see, I like photography. It’s my obsession, my number one way to spend time.

And I think everybody should have the freedom to take the kinds of pictures they want to take… and it shouldn’t rely on you having some kind of expensive degree, or fancy equipment.

So I’ve made this as low-priced as possible…

… because I really do want it to be affordable to anybody.

Photography shouldn’t be about spending thousands of dollars on education and gear… it should be about fun, expression, and capturing your imagination.

So if you go ahead and order right now, you’ll get lifetime access for just $47.

That’s all it is – just $47 to be taking better pictures a few minutes from now.

That’s not an exaggeration by the way – the moment your order is processed, you get immediate access to the member’s area, where you can download the guide and watch the videos online right away – even if it’s 2:00 AM on a Sunday morning.

Here’s what to do now:

Go grab a credit card, and hit the Add To Cart button below. You’ll be taken to your 100% secure order page (I use Clickbank to process the payments with their world-class 128 bit security encryption to make sure everything is safe).

The moment your order is placed, you’ll be transferred directly to your member’s area, where you can download the guide immediately. By this time tomorrow, you’ll be a better photographer.

So go ahead, and do it right now:

That’s not all – if you go ahead and download Trick Photography & Special Effects right now, I’ll also throw in this amazing bonus kit for you at no extra cost!

This bonus kit of photography tips and tricks mini-ebooks is going to show you all the stuff you need to know on becoming a photographer that knows what they are doing in the field, being able to operate their camera in full manual mode.

You’ll discover:

  • The easy methods for understanding and using all those settings on your camera – things like aperture, depth of field and bokeh, shutter speed, ISO, focusing, white balance, how to get the sharpest photo possible, various accessories you can get for your camera, etc.
  • Advice on flashes and how how to use them to beautifully light up your subject.
  • Advice and recommendations for filters and Photoshop plug-ins.
  • How to market stock photographs and art photographs in order to sell them for profit.

And much, much more… you’ll finally understand exactly how to use every aspect of your camera… and how to make money from the pictures you take…

… but you only get this bonus if you move right now!

I’m not kidding – this really is available right now, for FREE, when you download your copy of Trick Photography & Special Effects…

If you’re still reading and haven’t jumped on this crazy bargain yet, there’s something pretty important you should know.

Right now, you’re at a crossroads.

You’ve got two paths to choose from – each one will affect how your life is from here on out.

In one direction you’ll close this page, probably forget you ever saw it, keep taking those same old mundane pictures, and wishing you could do better.

OR – you can choose the other direction…

… the one where you hit that button right now and jump on this bargain while you still can.

And things change for you right away. From the very next photo you take, things are better… and you can finally get those images you always wanted… those super-cool shots like these:

But it all depends on you making the right choice now…

… so do it – hit the button below and grab your future with both hands.

If you’re still reading, think about this.

How much have you spent on photography books and magazines over the years?

How much would a college degree or some other course cost you?

A ton of money, right? Thousands of dollars.

Well, I’m offering you the chance to be able to take the pictures you really want, but at a fraction of that cost.

Just a painless one off payment of $47 to totally change the way you take pictures forever.

Make sense, doesn’t it?

Go ahead and hit the button right now – and remember, I’m reserving the right to pull this off the market at any time, so if you don’t grab it now, you may never get the chance again.

To your photographic success,

-Evan Sharboneau

P.S.- Don’t forget, I’m covering you with a pretty amazing guarantee here – download this guide right now, learn all the photography tricks, and if you don’t think you’re a better photographer by the very next time you take a picture, I don’t want your money, so you’ll get every penny back with no arguments…

P.P.S.- Be honest – wouldn’t you like those mindblowing skills that would let you take out of this world pictures like these:

Of course you would. So hit the button below:

How To Sketch

How To Sketch

in a fun way…

as quickly as possible?

Well, now you can, using the accumulated knowledge of

artists from all around the world!


Introducing… the complete

How To Sketch guide!

Hello my artistic friend,

… I’m Kerry Godsall.

Are you searching for the perfect book that teaches you how to sketch? If you are frustrated by books bogged down in too much theory, then this book is your answer!

I enjoy studying old art books written long ago. After years of research, I felt that I must share all this valuable information with you because it really is the legacy left to us by
past artists.

It’s All In One Book…

Essential instructions have been gathered together and condensed into one easily accessible version – saving you hours of trawling through numerous books!

This book has everything you need
to learn the basics of drawing and sketching …and it’s here now!

Reeds sketch

You discover great tips that have been forgotten over the years.

I also show you which methods taught me how to sketch and to quickly improve along the way.

Imagine yourself admiring a view and then being able to simulate it on paper with just a few strokes in a few minutes!

Well, guess what? …It is now quite possible for you to be one of those clever people who can jot down an instant visually!

All of us have the potential to

be able to draw or sketch and that potential

is accessible at any age!

You don’t need any special knowledge to take up this hobby, you can start straight away and all the while you will experience the wonders of creation as you watch yourself grow and improve.

Find out for yourself that you can successfully create images following the techniques in this how to sketch guide. There is no risk, I really do
have your best interests at heart, if you’re not 100% convinced you can create a sketch within 60 days, I want you to get your money back. No questions asked. No hassle.

Fence Sketch

”A sketch has charm because of its truth – not because it is unfinished.”

– Charles Hawthorne.

Sketching is such an interesting pastime, there are many of us who love and admire sketchwork. Looking at sketches is like being privy to the artist’s thoughts and feelings and that’s something that has always kept me fascinated.


”This is a great eBook! It’s designed for the beginner, but has some good information and exercises even for the experienced artist.

It takes you from looking at your subject properly to conveying that onto paper.

A must-have for anyone who wants to learn how to sketch, and also for those who want to improve their drawing skills.

Kerry, thanks for doing us a great favor by producing this for us!”

Michael Betz, USA.

How is it different?

The how to sketch guide is unique because it explains the simple concept of sketching based on my own study, experience and progress.

Plus, all the hard work has been done for you, I’ve collected years and years of fantastic tips and tricks and they’re altogether in this one guide!

Branch Sketch

Once you are shown the basics, it’s a life-changing moment when you see you can create a great sketch with just a few strokes!

For example, learning how to sketch trees is easier than drawing trees because sketching is drawing simplified!

Illustrations in the eBook show you how to achieve this look – see the example (on right) of how to sketch a branch – it’s like trickery with a pencil.

In next to no time, you will be comfortable with sketching and actually getting the results you desire.

Visualize yourself depicting a simple reflection of a scene — it’s peaceful, it’s just you and Mother Nature — and you realize you’ve left behind all stress and worry. Sketching naturally takes care of
your mental health and that’s a huge

”Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

– Thomas Merton


”I thought that the section on directional lines in perspective was particularly useful for beginners along with the section on light and shade (especially on trees which I still struggle with myself!) and the part about measuring with a pencil too. In fact, there was lots of really useful information throughout!”

Sandra, UK.

Why Should You Get This Book?

It is of little use to sketch until you have some real knowledge that guides you, principles that help you to sketch intelligently.

Fortunately, after much digging, I found good, clear directions on how to sketch and now it gives me great satisfaction when I see that I can produce what I visualize.
I share all of this information with you, there are no secrets in this house!

Remember, these remarkable tips and techniques will serve you for a lifetime.

When words won’t do, sketching offers

an alternative to putting your

thoughts onto paper.

Here are just a few more benefits of learning how to sketch:-

  • All you need is a pencil and paper.
  • You can sketch any place, anytime.
  • Meet new friends at sketching clubs.
  • You can sell your artwork if you choose.
  • Very fulfilling, interesting hobby.
  • It’s therapeutic!

Really, there are endless positives, too numerous to mention. This is a hobby you can be proud of.


”I read the whole thing along with all of the bonus books – I must say I was really SO impressed – and I learned a few important things along the way too – so, thank you!”

Sandra, UK.

I think sketching is a personal adventure so there are no hard and fast rules. In the book, I encourage you to use what works for you to help you create your own unique works of art.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

– Walt Disney

Variety Is The Spice of Life…

There are numerous ways to create great sketches. We are all different so you are shown various methods used to create a sketch.

The how to sketch guide gives you a plan to follow, the main point is to start simple and learn the basic steps.

”The how to sketch guide is really easy to understand and anyone who follows the guidelines in it will definitely find themselves making fine sketches that will bring surprise and delight.”

Gareth, Vancouver Island.

Just think, once you know how to sketch, you can replace your camera with a sketchbook — every sketch will transport you back to that time and place just as effectively or better than a photo can.

But I Can’t Draw Or Sketch…

Not a problem!

I wasted 40 years thinking that I didn’t have the natural gift that was required to draw. I don’t want you to experience the sadness I feel when I realize my life could have been so much richer having sketching as a hobby.

Each one of us has the ability to draw. All it takes is a little instruction or guidance and your excitement starts the same moment you realize I’m telling you the truth!

This book makes learning how to sketch so quick and easy, you’ll be amazed at how soon you will be producing great sketches.

Walt Disney was so right when he said…

”If you can dream it, you can do it.”

You don’t need to be experienced or talented, once you know how to sketch, your drawing skills will also evolve and come alive! The book is lightweight reading and you might discover that sketching is just the thing for you.


”I am not at all artistic but this book has inspired me so much that I can’t put it down! I am practicing all the sketches and just having a great time. It keeps me enthralled and I love
it, thank you.”

Nellie, Australia.

You are shown:

  • how to use strokes to illustrate surface
  • the direction strokes follow for different objects
  • how to arrange strokes for effect
  • tips and tricks to give you a good head start

All you have to do is practice along with me so you can understand the process.

If we are taught to swim by analyzing movement etc, we will drown! However, if we are taken into the water and shown how to swim, we can learn without a word of explanation.

It’s true, we all learn best by seeing and doing. That’s exactly what you are encouraged to do in this eBook, ”How To Sketch”.

Learn by example with a little explanation and you will learn a lot. Yes, we learn how to sketch by sketching — more rapidly than by any other means combined.

”I am enjoying your sketch book which has helped to spur me on after a prolonged period of lack of energy with unstable diebetes. As a result I got out my pencils and completed a sketch of the old oak trees in the
grounds — I am surrounded by stone walls here in the West of Ireland.
Congrats and thanks for the constant support of the website.”

Fr. Tom Fenlon SMA

** Disclaimer: I receive a small commission if you buy via my links — at no extra cost to you. **

No Expiry Date…

There’s certainly great value in things that last forever and this eBook is one such item.

It contains information that will never go out of date. It’s actually better for you to read it over and over again, you’ll pick up hints you missed first time around. Sometimes things make more sense as you practice, grow and learn.


”This book introduces you to a hobby

that is very addictive!”

Imagine yourself getting compliments about your sketches – you become more energized and that impetus really helps your sketching skills to develop faster!


”The simple layout with examples makes How To Sketch so easy to read and understand. There are a series of helpful tips, exercises and words of encouragement which offer
confidence and reassurance to its reader. I recommend this book to anyone who wishes to learn the fundamental elements of sketching.”

Libby (school teacher), Queensland, Australia.

Why an eBook?

How is it different from normal books?

  • Please note that you are not purchasing a physical book. This is in eBook format only.
  • It’s called an eBook because it is an electronic book.
  • The biggest advantage of an eBook is the instant delivery. There is no packaging and shipping to pay for, no waiting time.
  • Doesn’t add to clutter, it sits nice and tidy inside your computer!
  • A ‘no questions asked’ money back guarantee.
  • Immediately after your purchase, you can download and start learning new tips and artists secrets within minutes!

”I like the finished sketches throughout as they give me a sense of possibility, what I can aspire to if I keep at it, and I think you have clearly illustrated how to do each particular step beautifully and simply.”

Karen, Rotorua, New Zealand.

How is the book delivered?

The How to Sketch guide (plus all bonus books) is delivered in PDF format, viewable on any computer (PC or Mac) and printable on any printer. This is a downloadable product because that is the fastest way for you to start using the information. It also means the book is cheaper because you don’t have to pay for printing and shipping.

If you haven’t got Adobe Reader on your computer, you can easily install it by following the instructions
to download the latest Abode Reader for Free.

Is it secure to order online?

Yes, absolutely. I take your security very seriously.

The payment process is managed by ClickBank, the world’s number one provider of downloadable products since 1997. Clickbank process payments via VISA, MasterCard and PayPal and your transaction is encrypted via ClickBank’s secure server.

Your eBook purchase is 100% safe and secure – and 100% risk-free.

What happens after I pay?

Once your order has been processed, you are granted immediate access to begin downloading your book and FREE bonus material.

You will receive a receipt of the transaction by Email so make sure your Email address is correctly entered on the order form.


The How To Sketch guide comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for an entire 60 days after you order. This is absolute, no questions asked.

The 100% refund policy is backed and administered by, the internet’s largest seller of digital products.

Read the whole book, try the techniques and if you find it’s not for you, simply email and they will refund you in full.

Invest in your discounted copy of How To Sketch right now.

”I took a quick look at EVERYTHING, my goodness, you have given the kitchen sink away along with the bathtub. That is a lot of stuff and I am really excited to explore it all further.
It looks very easy to understand and do.”

Sat Avtar Kaur, USA.

What You’ll Learn in this Book:

(Every chapter is stacked with diagrams, examples and illustrations.)

Chapter 1: Sketching With Pencil

Bush sketch

Of course, you can use any medium, but this guide’s focus is on pencil so you’re not procrastinating over which medium to use before you

Chapter 2: Materials

Pencil sketch

A brief explanation of the few things required.

Chapter 3: Applying the pencil

Sketch leaves

The difference between drawing and sketching is sometimes blurred so we discuss that here plus some exercises on how to limber up and get ready.

Chapter 4: Quality of Pencil Strokes


Tactics you employ to get the best looking sketches.

Find out first what the medium can do, and then learn to do it expressively as you sketch.

Chapter 5: Direction of Strokes

Door sketch

Taking small steps, we start with the simplest way to put down a sketch.

Chapter 6: Character of Strokes


Building on what you learn in the previous chapter, you start to create more interest in your sketches.

Chapter 7: Grouping of Strokes

Chick sketch

Ideas to further enhance your sketches by revealing which indicators will guide you.

Chapter 8: Measure with a pencil

Hand Sketch

The secret to proportion – a technique that you’ll use for life.

Once you know this tip, your sketches will always be true.

Chapter 9: Sketching Buildings

Window Sketch

Examples and ideas of easy ways you can sketch buildings of any kind.

Chapter 10: Sketching Foliage

Flower sketch

Guidelines and illustrations for the best way to recreate nature on paper.

Chapter 11: Sketching Animals

Cat Outline

The tips and tricks for sketching animals.

Chapter 12: Sketching The Figure

Woman Sketch

We discuss reducing this complicated subject to its simplest form.

Chapter 13: Light, Shade and Shadows

Rock Sketch

Delving into the important aspects of light and shade, you learn how to work it into your creations.

Chapter 14: Sketching Exercises

Dog Outline

Fun and easy exercises that introduce more speed into your work.

Also, for your convenience, there’s a Glossary included at the end of the Sketching Book which gives the meanings of common art-related words.


You also receive these FOUR extra books that are complimentary to your artistic success:

Bonus #1

How to make a sketchbook

If you haven’t got a spare sketchbook, you can always quickly make one of your own from things just lying around the house. In this book you’ll find a really easy step by step process to

”This is a great idea too – and so easy! I’ve come across so many other guides which are so much more complicated – So this was a breath of fresh air!”

Sandra, UK.

Bonus #2

Drawing and Sketching Tips

A collection of my most favorite helpful tips.

”Brilliant! A really good selection of valuable hints and tips – One to print, fold up and put in your sketchbook for easy reference!”

Sandra, UK.

Bonus #3

Illustrations To Copy and Study

More than 60 good-sized drawings and sketches of varied topics from past artists – these are great practice for you to copy and learn from as you go along.

”A great idea! I think it’s very useful!”

Sandra, UK.

Bonus #4

How To Draw Step by Step

A step by step drawing book that’s great for young and old alike. A definite favorite of mine that I had to share with you. Even though it’s actually a ‘How To Draw’ book, every bit of practice helps you to get those ideas down on paper quickly!

”This bonus book is not so much about sketching but encourages drawing from imagination.”

Sandra, UK.

That’s right, when you purchase the ”How To Sketch” eBook, you also receive FOUR bonus products as a token of my thanks.

Ready to Order?

Your One Time investment will be…

”How To Sketch” (plus 4 bonuses) is a bargain at just… $14.90 (USD)

That’s way less than one hour with an art teacher yet it lasts you a lifetime!

Yes please, I want to get started Now!

You can go through these books at your own pace, no deadlines and no pressure, only pleasure!

Here’s a Quick Summary of What You Get…

  • 97 page ”How To Sketch” guide which is many books rolled into one.
  • Bonus report – How to make a sketchbook.
  • Bonus report – Drawing and Sketching Tips.
  • Bonus book – 60+ Illustrations to Copy and Study.
  • Bonus book – How to Draw Step by Step (73 pages).

Your investment equates to less than $3.00 per item! Don’t forget, it’s guaranteed you’ll like it or your money back.

Please note: This is a fullly downloadable e-book and NOT a physical book. You will gain immediate access to this eBook, straight after your order is processed.


Only $14.90 (USD)


Purchase online with Credit Card by secure server

Click Here To Order Now

(You get instant access – simply download to your computer and start sketching!)

Who knows, you could be selling

your sketches on eBay

this time next year!

The ”How To Sketch” eBook provides you with the foundation to become a sketch artist. All you need besides this book is a desire to learn how to sketch.

”There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.”

– Walt Disney

You can learn how to sketch with confidence! I wish you many delightful and rewarding moments with your favorite sketching pencil – don’t you deserve that?



P.S… Do something special for yourself, buy this book right now!

P.P.S… Please Don’t Wait Too Long – Make Sketching A Priority in your life Now. You’ll LOVE it!

”Just from reading your book it amazes me how I never actually SAW sketches before, or the world in terms of light and shade. I now look at trees in the forest in a whole new light, so thank you for that.

Give yourself a big old pat on the back Kerry because you have made a lovely difference to my life. You’ve added value to it. :)”

Karen, Rotorua, New Zealand.

Invest in How To Sketch plus bonuses for only $14.90! (USD)

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Ground Power Generator

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Card Recovery Professional

Card Recovery Professional

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ED Elixir The Most Explosive New Mens Health Offer

ED Elixir The Most Explosive New Mens Health Offer



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2021 Newly Improved Ex-back Offer – Now With Even Higher Conversions!

2021 Newly Improved Ex-back Offer – Now With Even Higher Conversions!

Secret 1 A Dating Lesson from Sir Lancelot: A method for winning hearts
Secret 2 Your Positive Attitude = Deeper Commitment From Him?
Secret 3 How to Discuss Where the Relationship is Going
Secret 4 The Secret “P Word” That Will Make Or Break Your Relationships
Secret 5 Getting Specific About the Kind of Man You Want
Secret 6 Balanced Pursuit
Secret 7 Best Date Conversation Topics
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Secret 13 Exclusive Bonus 1
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Get My Attraction Secrets

Get My Secrets

The Flat Belly Code – Belly Fat Blasting System

The Flat Belly Code – Belly Fat Blasting System

17,827 people like this. Sign Up to see what your friends like.

Drew…I have to admit, at first this program sounded too good to be true…but I couldn’t believe that it actually worked SO WELL. I went from a size 16 to a size 8. I was around 180 pounds when I started and now I’m at 135. I was so afraid that I would gain all the weight back like I have with past diets I’ve tried, but here I am, 3 months later, and I still haven’t gained ANY weight back. Everyone I know keeps asking me how I lost so much weight! I’ve already recommended your program to all my friends.


This program has been a life saver! I was looking for an easy way to lose belly fat that I could do even with my crazy schedule. I barely have any time to prepare meals so I often skip them. I needed something quick and easy. I was amazed just how easy you’ve made this. After 2 weeks, my clothes are fitting better, I’m never hungry, and I have more energy than I know what to do with. And with the money I’m saving on groceries every week, I may just have enough left over to buy some new clothes!



Hi Drew, I’m a 45 year old woman who started your program a few weeks ago. My father recently passed away from diabetes and my mother and sister are also diabetic. My weight was out of control and I was so afraid of not being there for my 4 year old. I‘ve always been so confused about what to eat to lose weight and get healthy, but your program makes it so easy. I was surprised to learn that I was eating all the wrong foods even though I thought they were good for me. I’ve already lost 17 pounds and am getting more confident every day knowing that I finally have control over my weight and my life

Thanks for everything,

Lucille Wilson

NO counting calories, NO cutting carbs, NO hours of boring exercise and NO sacrificing delicious foods. Enjoyable, FAST, Lasting Weight Loss

The Flat Belly Code Program Is A Proven Weight Loss Program That Uses Your Body’s “H” Factor To Ignite Your Natural Fat Burning Power

Eat MORE And Excercise LESS!

I know it’s hard to believe but the majority of people are going about weight loss all WRONG. The truth is that you don’t need to work out like an olympic athlete, you don’t have to count calories, and you don’t have to eat anything “fat free” to see amazing and dramatic results.

I discovered something about weight loss that is so simple yet so many people know nothing about. It’s a simple “hack” that literally forces your body to store less fat from the foods you eat. I lost over 40 lbs while still enjoying my favorite foods and never going to the gym… and I want to show you exactly how I did it.

My Weight Was Always On My Mind…

I used to be right where you are now…struggling with my weight and my confidence, uncomfortable in my own skin. My weight was affecting all my relationships. And, I was scared about being diagnosed with diabetes or some other illness that would take years from my life.

It wasn’t until I stopped “dieting” and learned how to tap into my bodies “H” factor that my life really turned around. My friends and family couldn’t believe my transformation! I have more confidence now than I ever thought possible. I have shared what I learned with others and they have experienced the same incredible results I have.

Sick And Tired Of Gaining All The Weight Back?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried tons of different diets. You may have lost some weight, but just like clock work, it ALL comes back! Honestly, diets get “old” pretty fast. They are just plain boring or too restrictive. It’s usually only a few days before I found myself “falling off the wagon”. Well, this program is different. In fact, I like to think of it as the “Anti-Diet”! It’s for people like you and me who are sick and tired of trying diet after diet with no lasting results. This program is for people that want to stop dieting and start living!

  • Unlike most diets, this has NOTHING to do with counting calories
  • You WON’T have to stop eating carbs or sacrifice delicious foods
  • You DON’T have to spend hours in they gym or even go the gym at all!
  • You WON’T even have to cut back on fat, IN FACT, you’ll probably be eating more fat than you think you should.
  • And you DON’T have to worry about gaining ANY of the weight back because you’ll actualy be enjoying yourself!

What’s Included in

The Flat Belly Code Program:

Flat Belly Code: The Core

Inside the Flat Belly Code Core Guide, you’ll learn all the secrets I discovered and use to this day to get (and keep!) a flat firm mid section at the age of 40. Using proven science, I’ve made weight loss as easy as humanly possible for you. No counting calories, no cutting carbs, no hours of boring exercise and no sacrificing delicious foods. You’ll be amazed at how shockingly simple weight loss can be.

Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • Tired of losing weight, only to gain it all back again? I explain the biological reason for “yo-yo” dieting and why most diets almost guarantee that you’ll gain ALL the weight back, AND MORE! I’ll show you the easy way to lose as much weight as you want and keep it off for good!
  • Don’t believe the no-carb hype! I explain why carbs are NOT the problem, and why people in other countries like France, Italy, and Japan can eat bread, pasta, and rice and still stay so thin, healthy and free from disease. And how you can still lose weight while enjoying all your favorite foods!
  • Think twice before eating that “health” food! You’ll learn about the NUMBER ONE INGREDIENT that’s hidden in so many “healthy” foods that MAKES and STORES fat in your body. (if you do nothing else but just avoid this one sneaky ingredient, you WILL lose weight).
  • How to activate your body’s “H” Factor to lose weight quickly and effortlessly. Understanding the H factor is LIFE-CHANGING. I PROMISE you that you’ll NEVER look at weight loss the same way again. Say ‘goodbye’ to counting calories forever!
  • Why eating fat does not make you fat (most people don’t know this). The shocking reason why eating MORE FAT can actually help you LOSE FAT. I was totally confused by this at first, but it will all make PERFECT SENSE after reading this.
  • Find yourself in the kitchen late at night? How to kick afternoon and nightime cravings. I’ll show you how to beat your cravings for good. This simple trick makes it’s a lot easier than you think.
  • The “anti-exercise” routine. How to cut your exercise time by 75% and get BETTER results. And how doing 5-10 minutes of exercise at a VERY SPECIFIC time of day is 3 times more effective than doing 45 minutes at the WRONG time.
  • The STEP-BY-STEP weight loss blueprint I used and how to follow it A-Z to get the same amazing results that I and so many others have achieved in just a few short weeks.

28-Day Flat Belly Meal Plan

Think you have to eat bland tasteless food to lose weight? Wait until you see this! I’ve laid out all your meals every single day for a full 4 weeks…and they actually taste amazing! You’re getting meal-by-meal all the foods you need to eat, to flip your fat burning switches to the right position. The meal plan includes over 40 recipes that taste great, take under 10 minutes to prepare, and are PERFECT for anyone on a tight budget. You won’t EVER feel like you aren’t eating enough or SACRIFICING your favorite foods. Don’t be surprised if you feel like you’re eating too much to lose weight…the scale won’t lie and your friends will wonder how you’re doing it!

  • 28 Full Days Of Meals And Snacks
  • Perfect For Anyone On-The-Go
  • Over 40 Delicious Easy To Make Recipes
  • Budget Friendly Ingredients
  • Under 10 Minutes To Prepare
  • For Just One Or The Whole Family

“No Excuses” Workout Guide

This is the easiest and most effective exercise program you will ever find. I’ve laid out all the exact workouts I used to get the flat belly I never thought I’d have. You’ll be amazed how fast and fun they are…they’re over before you know it. And you can do them at home so you don’t have to worry about going to a gym. I’ll also show you a sneaky trick to make these quick workouts 3x more effective than any regular gym workout. When your friends and family see your newly toned muscles, they won’t believe that you’re not spending hours at the gym. The workouts are fully illustrated and include beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts.

  • Quick AND Fun (Under 10 Minutes!)
  • At Home Without Any Equipment
  • No Expensive Gym Membership
  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • 3Xs More Effective At Burning Belly Fat
  • Over 35 Workouts With Illustrations

Meal Replacement Smoothies

Sometimes you’re in a rush and need a healthy meal in minutes (that tastes like dessert!). This book has over 40 custom-designed, insanely delicious smoothie recipes that you can use to replace any meal you want. Now, these aren’t just any smoothies…In fact, did you know that most smoothie recipes you’ll find online (Even the green ones) actually turn your fat burning switches into the wrong positions…even though they’re full of fruits and vegetables! This is another example of how eating what you think is “healthy” can make you gain MORE weight. These smoothies have just the right nutrient ratios to keep you full and keep the fat melting off.

  • Over 40 Custom Easy To Make Recipes
  • Filling AND Delicious (Full For Hours!)
  • Quick To Make For Busy People
  • Special “H” Factor Nutrient Ratios
  • Use The To Replace ANY Meal
  • Not Available Anywhere Else

Lose Weight Or It’s On Me!

TRIPLE 60-Day Money-Back No-Risk Guarantee

I’m so confident that you will absolutely love the Flat Belly Code Program that I am going to offer you an incredible triple money-back guarantee. I want to make sure you have no risk at all when you purchase today. You are covered for ANY reason for a full 60 days after you purchase.

My Iron-Clad Triple Promise To You:

  • 1If you don’t see the results you want within a full 60 days I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.
  • 2If you find this too hard to follow or you just can’t do it, even though I’ve made it as easy as humanly possible, I’ll give your money back, no questions asked.
  • 3If your buying experience is nothing short of exceptional, I’ll still give you all your money back, no questions asked.

Download Everything Instantly

Now here’s what’s really great, you don’t have to wait more than a minute to get this revolutionary system. In fact, you’ll have it in just a few seconds.

I’ve made it so you can download the entire Flat Belly Code program instantly and start reading it immediately on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You don’t have to wait for something to come in the mail.

And this isn’t some giant weight loss “bible” that will take you days to read…In fact, you can read it all in one sitting.

Safe and Secure Checkout

The moment you click the button below you’re going to be taken to a secure checkout page page.

This page is 100% secure, so your information is safe.

You’ll fill out your name and payment details and when you click that button you’ll be taken to a download page where the entire Flat Belly Code program and all the bonuses will be available for immediate download to your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

You can order 24/7 from anywhere in the world!

If you have any issues at all with the ordering process you can email me personally at: [email protected] and I will make sure it is taken care of immediately.

Join all the other happy customers and say: “YES, I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT TODAY!

ONLY $37!


Take advantage of the STEP-BY-STEP weight loss blueprint that I’ve put together just for YOU. It’s guaranteed to work. If you don’t take action today, when will you?

Click the button above that says YES, I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT TODAY

Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to see you on the other side.