Bet Profit Filter

We were over the moon, placing bets and seeing very handsome returns indeed.

But we were MIT graduates with first class degrees in Computer Science and so we knew we could do better.

After a few more weeks of tweaking and testing, we had our ‘alpha’ software, which yielded a 75% strike rate.


We now had a bet filter that hit the jackpot 3 out of every 4 bets…

And while Jake was more than happy with this (and making enough money to buy a new car and finally land a date with the glamour model he’d had his eye on for months…) I still knew that we could do better.

I was, after all, a perfectionist.

… And Jake was happy to placate and continued to offer his expertise.

And then finally, three months after my plane first touched down in the UK, we had our finished software – Bet Profit Filter.

Bet Profit Filter yields a strike rate of 84% and is like no other product on the market.

With this unique software, all the trash bets are disregarded, leaving behind only the bets that will give your bank balance a much needed boost!