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From The Desk Of Samantha Milner,

Dear Friend

If you are just
starting out in the world of internet marketing and feeling that you are
getting nowhere fast, please don’t be hard on yourself because I know
exactly how you are feeling.

It doesn’t seem to
long ago that I was feeling that first flush of excitement with regards to
realising that I could earn an income online. Unfortunately though,
there was so much information out there that I just did not know which way
to turn and it seemed that my hard work and eagerness to learn would often
end in disappointment.

I can remember just
like it was yesterday, lying awake in bed wondering if I was just fooling
myself and that earning a living online would just be something that
happened to other people and not me!

If you know me though,
you will be aware that I never give up and after lots of hard work and
trying out different methods of making an online income, I stumbled on the
fantastic world of blogging and before long I started to actually earn money from doing something I love!.

It All Just Fell Into Place!

I have now been
blogging for over three years and without blowing my own trumpet, I have got
the whole blogging system down to a fine art! I know exactly what works and
perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t.

I know how to set up a
blog so it starts earning money within the shortest possible space of time
and I can assist you in working out how to continue earning money from your blogs..

I now smile to myself
when I see these so called guru’s boast of how much money they are making
from their blogging empire and they make out that you have to a complete expert on all areas of blogging and marketing. I worked out (after alot of mistakes!) that it is not always that hard!

I soon realised that
there was a massive demand from members of the general public who wanted to
make money from their blogging so I began offering private mentoring which
proved to be an astounding success. But not everyone can afford that level of coaching.

So, after much
thought, I have decided to put together a course which will teach anyone,
regardless of age or experience, exactly how to set up a blogging empire
which could result in the passive income you are looking for.

The course is called
the Blogging With Pride Masterclass and it is without doubt my pride and joy
because I know that it is just what so many people have been looking for…

So I am releasing it right now and here
are the full details:


Blogging With Pride Masterclass

Build Your
Blogging Empire Today!

I know only to well
that you are bombarded on a daily basis with offers of how to make money online and that you may well be asking what it is that makes Blogging With
Pride different and better than the rest.

Here is just a few things that is in store for you
when you become a student of blogging with pride:

probably thinking that this sounds great… and you’re right to because this
is your chance to change your life for good…

You see, Blogging With Pride is totally
revolutionary, and it makes it unbelievably simple for you get started with your blog.

Do you know why?

Because it’s almost completely automated.

By almost I mean you will need to put in
about two hours work a month to each of your blogs and that is it!BUT I will show you
how to even outsource your tiny working week so that you can have a blog that does not require you to be working on it full time!

Blogging With Pride is based on my own
super advanced marketing principles
, and you will watch me create a new
set of blogs from scratch throughout the coaching program. I will use real
life examples so that you can see exactly how it works and most
importantly make it work for you

Even better, I’ve coached several students
using the principles of this course just to test the water and between them
they work about an hour a week on their business and now thoroughly enjoy
their new lifestyle.

Think about it – could you spare four
hours a week right now to set up your online blogging empire so that in six
months time you have a fully functioning internet business that only
requires an hours work a week?

Put simply….

I have successfully turned every student I
have coached into blogging experts and here is your chance to succeed with
your own portfolio of blogs.

Hi Samantha

I have always liked
the idea of blogging but never really thought that you can make money
with blogs. I just thought of it as yet another way to lose money
online when desperately trying to make some.

I am now on week 14
of your course and have already made money with it. Actually more than
I have in my last 5 ventures on the internet.

My wife has finally
stopped asking me whether or not I have sold anything anymore. Though
I might need another 50 blogs to cover the cost of all the holidays
abroad she is now planning!!!

I am now looking
forward to the future lessons that I still have to come and thank you
for giving me this amazing opportunity.

Ronald, USA

Hey Samantha,

I am only on week 6 of the course but you have taught me so
much already. I have been trying to earn a living on the internet for
such along time now and the problem is I just didn’t get it.

With your blogging course it is so easy to understand and I get
really excited waiting for the following week’s lesson to arrive.

I just can’t believe someone like me that hates technology has
managed to set up her own blog – so a big thank you from me.

Julie, South Africa

Our course is designed to help you every step of the way.

Instructions which are
so easy to follow that even someone who has just leaned how to switch on a
computer for the very first time will have no problems at all in following.

From following the steps outlined in this course I have generated income for each of my blogs within the first 3 months!

What have you got to lose?

Are you starting to
get excited with regards to the difference my Blogging With Pride Course
will make to the quality of life for you and your family.

So the choice is
yours, do you want to jump on board and start to see results within the
space of only a few short weeks or will you let this superb opportunity
simply pass you by.

If you decide to join
us you will be able to look back in a years time and say to yourself that
joining the Blogging With Pride masterclass was the best decision that you
ever made.

To recap, this is what you will get from the Blogging
With Pride masterclass:

Everything that you will ever need to build a blogging
empire is included in this course. There is absolutely nothing left out
and you won’t have to spend any money on any other courses.

I know the feeling when you pay out for an internet
marketing course only to find out that there are upsells and all sorts of
other requirements before you can even hope to start earning some money.

The Risk Is On Me!

If for any reason you are not 100% happy with Blogging With
Pride you just have to let me know and I will return your investment
without any problem at all.

I know that the information that I am prepared to share
with you will blow you away because it is about as cutting edge as it is
possible to get.

The guarantee lasts for a full 60 days so you will have
plenty of time to put my advice into action and start to see the kind of
results that will blow any other similar courses completely out of the

Your Investment

You will receive your first Blogging With Pride lesson
within minutes of signing up but I am sure you are wondering how much the
whole thing is going to cost you.

If you have dealt with me before you will be only to well
aware that I only offer the best of the best. I treat my valued customers
in the very same way that I treat my family and friends because I really
do care.

I have already mentioned that my mentoring clients are
enjoying a great deal of success from their blogging but it should be
mentioned that I charge them in excess of $2500 for my time.

They all agree that they are receiving exceptional value
for money but I wanted my Blogging With Pride course to be accessible to
the people out there who are eager to learn but don’t have access to the
kind of money that I charge my private mentoring clients.

I want to subscribe today and receive
my weekly lessons on how to create my own blogging
empire from scratch through Blogging With Pride Masterclass.

Please enrol me on the
Blogging With Pride Masterclass and begin sending me one lesson each
week for 26 weeks. My initial charge will be $47. I will then be
charged $47/month for 5 months after the initial charge has been

I understand that if I act
I can lock in my subscription at $47 per month.

will receive your first lesson instantly even if it’s 3AM on a
Sunday Morning.

The Question Is Would You Like The Chance To Have Your Own Online
Blogging Empire?

To Your Online Success



PS:Please don’t let
this fantastic opportunity pass you by. You really do not have anything to
lose and once you have set this system up you can sit back and enjoy the
profits whilst getting on with enjoying the rest of your life, it really
doesn’t get any better than that now, does it!

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