How To Create Your Own Profitable Newsletter Business From Home!

Tired of money problems and failing with
every business idea
? Then here’s an age old system that is perfect for those
who seek the “low cost, no boss” lifestyle that you can run from anywhere in
the world…

It’s the ultimate dream for many people…

… get up when you want…

… go to bed when you want…

… never answer to a boss…

… but still be able to work from home and live
comfortably, without the daily commute and without being confined to an office
for the rest of your life.

It sounds
almost too good to be true, doesn’t it?

But what if it were real?

Unfortunately, there are so many scams and illegitimate
“business opportunities” out there that authentic, real opportunities get lost
in the noise.

And to make things worse…

Your chances of
making money

with ANY opportunity are fading fast…

The reality is, more and more people are getting
online, chasing the dream and this makes it harder to stand out and succeed, in
any business.

With every passing day, the competition and
cost of doing business is rising…

to make things worse…

Even the most lucrative opportunities are
fraught with problems, including…

Technical hassles

Steep learning curves

Huge or hidden start-up costs

Long term commitments

Time sucking chores

Customer service

I’m not sure about you, but for me, that’s
enough to turn my stomach and make me throw in the towel before I’ve even

But what if
there was an easier,

and dare I say it… more FUN

way to make your
living from home?

What if you could get started today,
without the huge start-up costs, and without endless weeks of learning theory
and mastering technology?

Well, I’m pleased to tell you, there is.


very own newsletter publishing business!

creating your own newsletter Since the invention of the printing press,
the trusty newsletter has been an effective tool for keeping in touch with
local communities, customers, and voters.

Today, hundreds of years later, the
newsletter is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your audience,
give them great value content and to sell products online and offline.

Chances are you’re maybe subscribed to popular
newsletters already, and you’re not the only one…

People love newsletters about their
hobbies, interests, and leisure activities and in just a moment, I’m going to
show you how to tap into an incredible opportunity to start your own lucrative
newsletter that brings in monthly paychecks like clockwork.

But what’s so
special about newsletters anyway?

Well, creating your own successful
newsletter can turn out to be the wisest decision you’ve ever made.

That’s why anyone from clothes retailers to
trainspotting websites are using newsletters to reach out to people who are
interested in what they’re selling, sharing, or campaigning about.

now you can tap into the incredible

power of newsletters to cash
in on an

opportunity that will allow you to work

from the comfort of your own

With so many people subscribing to good
quality newsletters, there has never been a better time to get started with
your own newsletter…

… and today I’m going to show you how it’s done, even
if you don’t have anything to sell, or don’t know where to start.

But before we get going, I have to warn

Here’s why most
newsletters will fail on first flight…

The fact is… the average subscriber
receives 416 commercial emails per month, as per new figures released by
leading researcher on email marketing, ‘Return Path’.

If you want to succeed with your newsletter
publishing business, you’re going to need a new set of rules that makes you stand out from the crowd and get your newsletter opened, read, and responded

I can show you these secrets…

But I’ll be

This is not for everybody.

In order to succeed with my system – or with
any business – you must…

  • Be willing to apply what I’m sharing with you
  • Be patient and accept that nobody makes a million overnight (apart from lottery winners)
  • Have between 20-40 minutes spare per day (not including weekends)

If you agree to these conditions, let me
show you the secrets to starting and succeeding with your own newsletter
publishing business today.


creating a newsletter business from home

Inside this no fluff, action packed guide,
you’ll discover:

A whole section
on how to market your newsletter including how to build an email list by
creating a simple sales page and name capture page

How to test
headlines to improve conversion rates

Paid marketing
methods and free marketing methods so that regardless of your budget, becoming
really proficient at just two or three traffic generation methods will serve
you well

The 5 golden rules to finding the perfect audience and
topic for your newsletter

The FREE website
that will show you where to find a hungry group of people who like buying stuff

Why some topics are a terrible idea for a newsletter,
and how to find the real money in sub-niches

Certain topics
that suck for monthly newsletters

How to create your monthly newsletter, even if you
hate writing or simply don’t have time

The simple and
straight forward guide to formatting and publishing your newsletter without
geek speak or technical jargon getting in the way

How to get mass exposure for your newsletter on a
small budget, and reach people who are already interested in your topic and
already buying stuff through newsletters

How and when to
send a printed newsletter instead of an online delivered newsletter (this is
the big secret that multimillion dollar newsletter agencies don’t want you to

My top recommended tools of the trade for running your
email newsletter efficiently and automatically each month

My biggest
shortcuts and tricks of the trade for getting people to handle the technical
chores for you for pennies on the dollar.

My top 8 paid methods for launching your newsletter,
even if your budget is super tight

My top 12 FREE
methods for launching your newsletter that most people will never know, and
fewer will ever dare share with you

A simple system for knowing exactly how much to charge
for your paid newsletter

How to accept
payments for your paid newsletters

5 proven ways to monetize your newsletters (even if
you don’t charge a subscription fee)

From anonymity
to profit: Leveraging your newsletter to become the sought-after resource in
your niche market

Real life examples of successful newsletters (and how
to copy their secrets to success starting today!)

… dozens of resources, FAQs and shortcuts to
succeeding with newsletters and finally waving goodbye to your old 9-5 day job.

So, are you
ready to join the publishing elite?

The truth is, as you will see from examples
given in this guide, successful newsletter publishers can make very decent
profits from subscription fees alone…

… and that’s before they apply the
monetization tactics you’re about to discover in this report today.

How would that change your life?

It’s not just the money that makes the
difference though.

It’s the FREEDOM that this kind of business gives you.

Imagine no more alarm clocks, daily
commutes, or fire breathing bosses on your back.

And no more begging for pay rises,
promotions. and days off to spend with your family.

As a self-employed newsletter publisher,
you can live life on your own terms to support yourself and your family…

… and you get to live and work wherever you like.

But it goes deeper than that.

Running your
own successful

newsletter from home gives you

something that money can’t buy…

It gives you a real sense of achievement and purpose.

There’s something cool about putting
together a valuable newsletter that people look forward to reading each month…

… and genuinely helping people in their

paid is a bonus.

Because now you have something real…

… a real business that makes a real difference,
both to you AND your readers.

And something you can proudly share with your friends and family without them getting
suspicious or confused about what you’re doing with your time.

And to put your mind at rest, the good news

Nothing Complicated!

creating newsletters

There’s nothing complicated about starting and succeeding with your own
newsletter. I’ve seen working parents, single mothers, broke students and
retired technophobes start their own money-making newsletters.

There’s no reason why you can’t too.

You don’t need any special skills,
knowledge, or experience other than what we teach you in this guide and we point
you in the direction of some great resources you can use to get your newsletter
out there as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The secret is knowing how to target the
right people with the right subject, how to stand out, and how to run
everything smoothly so it doesn’t suck up your time.

That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this no
fluff action packed guide today.

And don’t worry, because…

You don’t have to be an expert in

Although I recommended finding topics that
you’re already interested in and have some knowledge in, the fact is, some of
the biggest newsletters in the world are run by people who don’t actually have
any interest or skill in the topic they’re writing about.

The secret is knowing how to find valuable
information and resources that your subscribers want, and package it together
for them, so it’s easy to consume and fun to read. I’ll show you how it’s done easily, right
inside this guide today.

And don’t worry, because…

don’t need to even write a single

word if you don’t want to!

If you hate writing like so many people do,
it’s still possible to make a healthy income with a monthly newsletter.

I’ll show you how to get other people to create your newsletter for you, for pennies on the
dollar, while you still gain by
giving your subscribers exactly what they
need and want from you.

But again, don’t get too carried away here

NOT an overnight riches thing!

Starting your own newsletter won’t make you
a gazillion bucks overnight. It might not even make you money in the first few

But if you follow my advice and actually
make a personal commitment to stick with it …

I guarantee that you’ll be amazed
at the potential that this business can offer you… and you’ll never look back.

In fact, I’m so sure about that…

I’m going to back up all my claims with…

My powerful
money back

guarantee Download my guide today, totally risk free.
I want you to devour every section and apply what you see inside.

And if, after 60 days, you don’t agree that running
your own newsletter business is the easiest, most fun way to earn an honest
living from home, then I want you to email me for an immediate refund.

No questions, no quibbles.

In fact, I won’t even ask why.

And if you don’t want to email me directly,
you can request an immediate refund
at any time through, who will be processing your order today.

So, the final question is…

How much would you
invest to be able to work

from anywhere in the world and live free from bosses?

Imagine a life of no bosses, no commute, no
office politics, no B.S interviews, no scams, no endless worry, and frustration.
Can you?

Most people spend tens of thousands to go through the education system, tying
themselves up in debt, in the hopes of getting a decent paid job working for
someone else.

But today, you have the opportunity to set
yourself free, think about setting your own hours and income, and live hassle-free
for life…

And although you can learn some of these newsletter publishing secrets
through $1400 seminars that are
hosted halfway across the world…

Today you don’t have to…

Because I’m giving you all my secrets…

For a measly $27.

Grab your copy $27

secure wwith Clickbank

(All you need is a credit card, no special Internet accounts or anything
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And you can get instant access today

The material is available
to read online. So, simply download to your computer

But please be warned…

It’s now or

If you walk away now, the chances are you’ll
never know what could have been.
You’ll be unable to find this special offer online anywhere else and you’ll quickly
start to worry if you’ve made a huge mistake.

I’m not saying this to badger you into
ordering now, but because I’ve made the same mistake many times before and
spent years struggling to find a legitimate opportunity like this.

I too have
walked away in fear

and highly sceptical…

BUT sooner or later, a leap of faith
helped me find what I was looking for.

And without that leap of faith, I’d
probably still be stacking shelves in a local supermarket or shifting pallets
in a warehouse somewhere.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with
those jobs, but if you’re anything like me, you want to work on your own terms, don’t

It’s all possible when you’re running your
own business, and there’s no business more fun to run than your own newsletter!

Now here’s the bad

As a marketing exercise I have set a very
low launch price, but once I have enough testimonials from happy customers, I
will be raising the price to a more realistic level.

I may even take down this guide and present
the information as a high-ticket course instead.

So, if you want to draw back the curtain
and see the hidden secrets to starting your own wildly successful, high-income
newsletter from home, then I urge you to take action right now and download this
guide at the launch price before it’s too late.

buy before it's too late $27.00

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