Ukulele Lessons With Good Conversion

Why do so few sound good? And why do so many people give up when trying to learn the uke? A study in 1993 by Anders Ericsson lifts the lid …

The study revealed that if you want to get good at learning something then:

So what is the secret to getting great as quickly as possible? Simple: Deliberate Practice. My video lessons do this by focusing on the things that will help you the most (in a way that turns weaknesses into strengths … simply and systematically).

All you’ve got to do is play along with three 7-minute videos per week, and your progress will skyrocket.

Only three 7-minute videos per week? Yes.

You will get better faster, because my videos use the PROVEN principles of Deliberate Practice.

Deliberate Practice is celebrated in Geoff Colvin’s first book, Talent Is Overrated, which earned global acclaim as a



Journal of Research in Music Education


“It’s not how much you practice; it’s how!”

Thank you Ukulele Buddy! I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to learn the ukulele from a video, but I have totally enjoyed my results! The lessons were the perfect pace to easily play along with and learn songs! I am so thrilled!

Alita Gonzales

Sacramento, California

5-Star Rating Received

I am an old girl and I am amazed at how quickly I have picked up the Ukulele if I had realized how much fun it was I would have started to play as a teenager. I can now jam with the kids! I have my 11 year old grand son asking how come you can play and teach me something’s, ha ha ha! The ukulele class I attend here are amazed at how fast I have picked it up so on Thursday night I took my laptop computer along to our class because our teacher was not there and I showed them I took them through the first 12 lessons, they were amazed at how easy it is.

Pauline Miller

Central Otago, New Zealand

5-Star Rating Received

Major kudos on your I – IV – V chord progression lesson. I read theory for YEARS and it didn’t make sense until your five minute video! Amazing! That one lesson alone was worth the cost of the course to be honest. I enjoy your method of teaching very much!

Robert Hartley

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

5-Star Rating Received

Hello Uke Lover!

My name is JP Allen and I’ve been teaching and performing music professionally for over two decades:

I’ve taught at University of Texas, Austin Community College and even toured all over the world with Grammy nominated Abra Moore.

I particularly love teaching ukulele (and the harmonica) because they’re so dang easy to learn – when you learn the right way…

My lessons are suitable for all the different sizes of ukuleles.

When you buy my complete beginner’s uke course, you get over 10 HOURS of video instruction.

Effortless Chords

You’ll master all the easy must-know chords for playing your favorite songs. You’ll also discover the tricks for moving from one chord to another, effortlessly and smoothly (this will give you that “pro” sound).

Strumming Secrets

After you’re done with the strumming lessons, you’ll really be able to make your little ol’ uke sing with a sweet tone. No more botched notes or buzzy chords!

Here is just a fraction of what you’ll learn:

Rippin’ the Roof Off the House – With Just One Chord! • How to Play Your Favorite Songs by Ear & with Ultra-Simplified Uke Tabs • How to Wow Your Friends in a Casual Setting • The Must-Know Chords • Locking It Down With a Solid Sense of Rhythm • The Most Popular and Easiest Strumming Patterns • Strumming Along with Other Musicians • Funky Reggae Grooves • Awesome Brudda Iz Strumming Pattern • Twelve Bar Blues • How to Write Songs with Your Uke • How To Tune • Right-Hand Muting • Ukulele Picking • Groovin’ Surf Song • Playing for Your Own Enjoyment … and a whole bunch more!

I bought my first musical instrument, lanakai , as per your recommendation … LOVE IT.
Am down to lesson 41 so far, I know you said the brain needs to be rewired, mines a bit on the stubborn side… but getting there! Love your enthusiasm & encouragement!

Les Matthews

Haberfield, Australia

5-Star Rating Received

I’m a former guitar player who is trying to learn the uke. I needed something to get me started. Your very clear lessons plus the play along feature build skills pretty fast!

Mark Wright

California, USA

5-Star Rating Received

I ripped through your uke lessons quickly, as they were easy, but technical enough that I was improving immediately. My kids were shocked at my progress, as was I. The fact that I can practice with you every day really makes a huge difference. I can’t thank you enough. Your teaching style is so refreshing and unique. I have tried other lessons with no success. I appreciate the time and energy that you have put into this course. You are an awesome teacher with a great product. You change people’s lives! Playing music that I love really gives me something to look forward to on a daily basis. Thanks again, and I will spread the word!

Dan Shantler

Buffalo, NY

5-Star Rating Received

All the Styles! Pop, Rock, Blues, Country, Soul, Gospel, Folk and Reggae!

With the Lessons You’ll Learn You’ll Be Able to Play ALL these Styles and More…

If you were to take private lessons with Mitch or me, it would cost you over $2,000 to receive all the ukulele lessons you’ll get in this complete bundle.

I understand that many people can’t afford to have Mitch or me instruct them privately, so our videos are the most cost-effective way for you to receive our complete system directly. With our videos you will get over 10 hours of play along instruction and that’s not counting the bonuses! What’s more…

…you’ll be able to go over the lessons as many times as you wish, all from the comfort of your sofa. But that’s not all…You’ll also get a FULL 60 day, money-back guarantee…

If you’re not totally blown away with my Ukulele Lessons and you’re not able to play the songs you
love just ask for a refund any time within 60 days of ordering and I’ll pay you every penny back, right away!

All you have to do is contact ClickBank here… within 60 days of your purchase and…
We Will Give You a Full Refund Immediately (No Questions Asked!)

My Uke Video Lessons Have Been Specifically Designed for Beginners and Non-Musicians

If you’re an Advanced Musician, this course is probably not right for you. But if you’re someone who has noodled around with ukulele or other instruments with little success, you’re going to be playing at a level that makes your friends go “Wow!” in no time.

Happy strummin’!

JP Allen

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Lifetime access is included?

Yes, lifetime access to your videos and bonuses is included.

Yes, you can watch each lesson as many times as you want!

Additional fees?

No, there are no additional monthly fees.


Refund policy?

Although we are confident that you are going to love this lesson series, we do offer a 1-year 100% money-back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied …

If a refund is needed please click Here

Buying lessons as a gift?

Yes, great idea 🙂


One idea would be to order the lessons with your own email address.

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Uke Questions

Type of uke?

Our course is compatible with the following ukulele types:


concert (aka alto)




You can definitely use a Baritone uke with our lesson program; you’ll just need to put a capo on the 5th fret.

This converts the tuning to GCEA, which allows you to follow along with the lessons.

This capo at the link below seems like the best option, weighing quality and price. It’s for banjo but will work for uke:

Jim Dunlop 85 Bb Dunlop Banjo Capo Blk

ANOTHER SPECIALTY OPTION – the “banjo uke” or “banjolele”:

Yes, the course is suitable for the banjo uke.

You may need to use a plectrum or “pic,” as the banjo uke strings are a bit different than the ones on other ukes.

Left-handed playing?

Here’s my thinking: As a left-handed player, you will need to learn to adapt to a right-handed world … I think our series will be an excellent way for you to learn to quickly translate the right-handed techniques into left-handed ones, because my teaching style is so compassionate to beginners.

Also, our series will be like looking in a mirror, which should be very helpful. This mirror effect will be much simpler than trying to learn from a CD or book, which can be confusing.

So I say go for it. I think you will be delighted with the results. (I’m saying that because I really want you to have a great time learning the uke!)

Lessons Questions

Songbooks and other bonuses?

The songbooks and other bonuses are all available via instant online access.

We do not actually physically mail the songbooks to you.

Just click the link below, log in, and then scroll down the page to access all of your bonuses instantly 🙂

Can a child do lessons?

With an adult’s support, a young child is able to do the lessons.

Just let the child pace themselves, of course.

We’ve seen success many times, but please let us know your experience.

We do offer a 100% money-back guarantee, if needed.

Is this for me? Can I really do it?

You’ve come to the right place!

No musical foundation and no basic string foundation are required 🙂

My Ukulele Buddy lesson series was designed for nonmusicians and beginners.

I confident that we can help you become the uke player you want to be.

I think you are going to love the pace and style of the videos. If fact, we guarantee you’ll love it or your money back! So you really have nothing to lose.

All you need to do is play along with the videos 🙂

And if you do order the lessons, please do keep me updated on your progress.

I have a feeling you’ll be amazing your friends in no time at all.

I’d be over the moon if you’d be willing to submit a testimonial for our website someday about the lessons and your proud progress.

Once again, I’m confident we can get you there, and have lots of fun along the way!